If a student is going to be absent from school for any reason, parents/guardians are responsible for calling the Office between 7:45 AM & 9:00 AM to inform school authorities. Students will be required to bring a note signed and dated by parents when returning to school with the reason for the absence when a phone contact or email contact has not been made. Parents who leave early for work may call the school answering machine between 4:00 PM & 7:45 AM at 565-3559. Dial extension 212 for the elementary and extension 252 for the secondary (grades 7-12). If a student is going to be absent from school on a pre-arranged appointment, the school must be notified at least one day ahead of the appointment so the students can get assignments and make-up work completed on time.

Students who do not get permission at least one day beforehand for appointments, etc. will not be eligible to participate in any activities, including after school activities the days absent from school. Any student having an excused absence for part of the day will not be allowed to participate unless they arrive before 12:00 p.m.

At the beginning of each hour in the high school, and first hour in the elementary, the teacher should record the attendance as designated by administration on the slips that are provided or through JMC. The attendance will be collected every hour in the high school, and a list of your absentees/tardies will be listed in the daily staff bulletin. If someone is missing from your class and is not on the absence list, report it immediately to the principal’s secretary. Students are to present a make-up slip before returning to class after an absence. The office will determine if an absence is excused or unexcused.


Excused absences are granted for dental, medical, legal, family trips and events, and personal emergencies. Dental and medical are self-explanatory. Legal business includes court appearances and other legal matters requiring signatures, testimony, or personal presence. Family trips are defined as pre-excused events where parents accompany their students. Absences for family events such as funerals, graduations, weddings, etc., are acceptable if accompanied by parents. Personal emergencies include accidents, injuries, breakdowns, traumas, and personal stress. They may be excused with or without parent knowledge as circumstances require. State law stipulates that school administrators make the final determination if an absence is excused or unexcused, even with a signed note from the parents.


A student who is absent a single period or half-day will obtain an admit slip to his/her next class from the Jr/Sr High School office UPON ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL. Elementary students must sign in when arriving late to school. A valid excuse from their parents must be presented when they arrive. Students will be counted absent half a day if they arrive at school after the first three periods or leave school before the last three periods. Students who are absent more than three single class periods per semester will have their attendance and academic records reviewed by the principal and counselor if the absences are unexcused.


Absences are unexcused when students are absent for all or any part of the school day without acceptable excuse. Leaving the building without a pass or some verifiable contact with the office, is unexcused. Job interview absence, which is not pre-excused through the guidance office, is unexcused. Skip day absence is unexcused under all circumstances. Chronically truant students may be removed from classes and/or school permanently. Excuses will not be granted for such reasons as shopping, visiting, babysitting, banking, haircuts or beauty appointments, etc. Such matters can usually be arranged outside of school hours. There are a limited number of exceptions. These must be approved by administration in advance.


We operate a closed campus policy. Students must stay on the school grounds from the time they arrive until the end of the school day, or until they are excused in writing (including senior privileges). If the student must leave the building during the school day and has not made arrangements for a pre-excuse, they must contact the Elementary or High School Principal's Office. If students leave the building for any part of the day without an excuse, they are subject to discipline for truancy. All students leaving the building during school hours MUST sign out on the appropriate sheet in the Office, and call home for parental permission and administrator's approval. Failure to do so is also subject to disciplinary action.


Attendance officers or principals report unexcused absences to the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent notifies the parent/guardian that he/she must send the specified child to school. If the parent/guardian refuses to comply, the Superintendent may file a criminal complaint with the County Attorney, having criminal jurisdiction against the person(s) neglecting or refusing to send the child to school.


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