The science department nomination for 7th-8th grade student of the month is Analise Lien. Analise is the daughter of Scott and Kim Lien. I have enjoyed watching Analise grow as both a student and leader among her peers in 7th grade this school year. Analise is a very energetic, positive young lady with a charismatic personality and a joy to have in the classroom. I look forward to watching Analise grow as a student and individual here at Wabasha-Kellogg as an 8th grader and for years to come. 

I wish to nominate Connor Passe as the Student of the month in Science.  I have a list of at least seven students who came to mind immediately and Connor really stood out as the obvious choice as he has been the model student in chemistry.  He has been going above and beyond what I have asked him to do in a class that generally is regarded as challenging by many students.  In addition to the material we have covered in class, Connor has been doing some self-study on additional topics in preparation for the AP chemistry test.  Regardless of how he does on that test, he has been at or near the top of the class all year long and has been, despite being a sophomore amongst juniors (and some seniors), the go to guy for help amongst his peers.  Connor has a wonderful attitude in class and is respectful to both his peers and to his teacher.  Despite having aptitude for the subject, he is also very approachable and teachable.

 I wish to nominate Lauren Bussian as student of the month due to her outstanding performance in CIS anatomy & physiology.  The course Lauren takes with me is extremely difficult even for stellar students, and requires a high degree of motivation.  Lauren consistently shows one of the highest levels of commitment to truly learning the content.  She asks fantastic questions in class that probe for deeper understanding and is not content with just memorizing facts.  I believe Lauren’s career goals include a position in the medical field, and she has been taking this course in preparation for that.  I know that Lauren will make an amazing medical professional due to her unfailing motivation to do her absolute best and her deep level of compassion.  Lauren always has a smile on her face, and can brighten anyone’s day.  She is a student that I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching, and will surely miss as she moves on to her future in college.