October Students of the Month – Nominated by the Language Arts Department

Natalie Schmit is the English Language Arts Student of the Month in grades 11 and 12. Natalie is the daughter of Dale and Carol Schmit. Natalie was chosen for her positive attitude, her exemplary work ethic, and her top-notch assignments in her English classes.

Natalie is a junior at W-K this year and is involved in many activities that highlight her teamwork and leadership skills. She competes on the volleyball court and on the golf course. In addition, she is a member of student council and SADD. But Natalie’s involvement does not stop during the school year.  In the summer, she volunteers as a Teen Lizzie for St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, further exemplifying her caring nature.

Natalie wears a smile on her face daily. Her questions are thoughtfully posed in classroom discussions and her responses to teacher-posed questions demonstrate her preparedness. Natalie strives to do her very best in class and doesn’t shy away from challenges. Natalie continues to improve her skills on a daily basis.

Natalie says her favorite part about attending W-K is “how nice the teachers are! They are always there to help whenever needed.”

Submitted by Heidi Purvis

Megan Cichosz, daughter of David Cichosz and her stepmom, Chris Sky, is the seventh/eighth grade Language Arts student of the month. Without fail, Megan is the first one to class every day and her smile instantly brightens the room. Compassion and kind words come naturally for Megan, and her presence makes each day a little better. Three of Megan’s four siblings also attend Wabasha-Kellogg: Emily is a junior, Anna is in seventh grade, and Levi is in grade four; Megan’s older sister Catherine is a freshman in college. Megan’s family recently moved to the Wabasha-Kellogg area from Winona. Megan’s kindheartedness, positive attitude, and overall sweet demeanor are infectious both inside and outside the classroom. These attributes, in addition to many others, allowed Megan to make new friends easily. Megan said her favorite part about attending Wabasha-Kellogg is getting to have fun with her friends every day. Megan’s favorite sports are soccer, swimming and dance; Megan is on Wabasha-Kellogg’s dance team and is eager for the upcoming season.

Megan’s passion for reading and writing are evident through her exceptionally detailed work, higher order thinking, and active class participation. English is her favorite subject and reading is one of Megan’s favorite hobbies, which is why she said it’s difficult to choose a favorite book. However, some of the recent books Megan enjoyed include Divergent, If I Stay, The Fault in our Stars, and The Hunger Games trilogy. Fall is Megan’s favorite season because of the beautiful colors, wearing sweaters, and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are her favorite holidays; Megan’s birthday is also in the fall.

Submitted by Ellie Polus

Karlee Freihammer is nominated as the ninth and tenth grade Language Arts Student of the month.  Karlee is the daughter of Jim Freihammer and Cally Freihammer.  She has four siblings Cody Freihammer and Makenzie Freihammer who are both attending college, and Jaylee and Jaeden who are in 2nd grade. Additionally, Karlee is actively involved in volleyball and basketball at Wabasha-Kellogg.
Her dedication to her academics and activities is shown daily.  According to Mr. Medina, She is a wonderful student who is responsible and very respectful. Her creativity is shown through her dedication, effort, and creativity in Language Arts. He states, “I nominated her because I have been greatly impressed by her writing and responsibility in my class.  She is a quiet, respectful student who leads by example. Furthermore, her imagination and reflective nature is shown by her creative journal entries and thorough compositions in English.  Lastly, she is a role model among her peers and is a great example of a student who cares about her work and puts in time to do a great job.”
When asked about her favorite thing about attending school, she said, “Being able to hand out with my friends during the day.” She also loves to read.  Currently, her favorite books are from The Mortal Instruments series.  Mr. Medina also asked her what she liked about English and writing.  Her response was quite creative: “You have the opportunity to be a God for the world you created!” 
We are very excited to see more creativity and participation from Karlee in the future.
Submitted by Cris Medina