Dual Credit Options for Students
Wabasha-Kellogg seeks to increase varied educational opportunities and provide assistance to students interested in non-traditional settings or curriculum.  In addition to the courses listed by department in the registration booklet, students may explore the alternatives outlined below, to fulfill their academic needs and interests. 

Dual Credit Presentation

For more information please visit the Minnesota Department of Education website at: 
http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/JustParent/CollPrep/index.html  for parents or http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/StuSuc/CollReadi/index.html for students
and consult with the high school counselor to discuss these options.

Minnesota Department of Education All-In-One Website for Dual Enrollment!!


Concurrent Enrollment/College in the Schools (CIS)
If you are a high school sophomore, junior, or senior who wants to get a jump-start on college, consider the College in the Schools (CIS) program. Students get firsthand experience with a faster pace of study, increased academic rigor, and are able to make a smoother transition from high school to college.  The CIS program allows students to stay at W-K and be taught by a qualified high school instructor that works together with a college to provide the opportunity for students to earn credits toward college at no cost to their families.  For more information visit:

 W-K o
ffers the following CIS courses:
   CIS Anatomy and Physiology- University of Minnesota
   CIS College Algebra- University of Minnesota
   CIS Composition- Southwest Minnesota State University
   CIS Physics- University of Minnesota

Advanced Placement (AP)
AP classes are designed to provide motivated high school students with college-level academic courses.  Students enroll in the year-long AP course here at W-K and demonstrate their knowledge of the subject area by earning qualifying scores/grades on the AP Examination near the end of the semester.  Students earning a 3, 4, or 5 on the exam can earn college credit at colleges and universities that accept the AP Exam.  Students enrolled in an AP course who would like to take the AP Exam in that subject must sign up and pay the exam fee in advance. All AP students will receive a copy of the “Bulletin for AP Students and Parents” and can visit www.collegeboard.com/apstudents for more information.

    W-K offers the following AP c
    AP English Literature and Composition
    AP Psychology
    AP Spanish Language & Composition

    AP United States History*​        
       *Offered every other year

On-line College in the High School
Students that meet eligibility requirements can take on-line college courses through Minnesota State College Southeast.  Students remain in the high school setting allowing them the support of high school staff while also earning college credit. 

Minnesota State College Southeast Online College in the High School

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
High school students can earn college credit by taking a computer-based test of their knowledge. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a College Board program that allows students to accelerate their education by skipping introductory college-level courses in subjects they have already mastered through general academic instruction, significant independent study, extracurricular work or volunteerism.  For CLEP testing centers or more information visit: http://clep.collegeboard.org/?affiliateId=rdr&bannerId=clep

Interactive Television (ITV) Courses

Eligible students may participate in ITV classes through the WETC (Wasioja Education Technology Cooperative).  Students are able to enroll in general and/or AP classes not offered at W-K.  Students interact live with an instructor and other students, all while remaining here at school.  Student must meet entrance requirements to participate in these classes and demonstrate responsibility and independence as this is a very independent course option.  Students interested should meet with the counselor to see the entire list of offerings.   These offerings are subject to change depending on enrollment.

Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)
Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students to earn both high school and college credit while still in high school, through enrollment in and successful completion of college-level, nonsectarian courses at eligible participating postsecondary institutions. Most PSEO courses are offered on the campus of the postsecondary institution; some courses are offered online. Each participating college or university sets its own requirements for enrollment into the PSEO courses. Eleventh and 12th-grade students may take PSEO courses on a full- or part-time basis; 10th graders may take one career/technical PSEO course. If they earn at least a grade C in that class, they may take additional PSEO courses.

There is no charge to PSEO students for tuition, books or fees for items that are required to participate in a course. Students must meet the PSEO residency and eligibility requirements and abide by participation limits specified in Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.09. Funds are available to help pay transportation expenses for qualifying students to participate in PSEO courses on college campuses. Schools must provide information to all students in grades 8-11 and their families by March 1, every year. Students must notify their school by May 30 if they want to participate in PSEO for the following school year.

For current information about the PSEO program, visit the Minnesota Department of Education’s Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) webpage.

Students interested in pursuing PSEO should:
  1. Attend the PSEO meeting with the counselor to learn the requirements, process, and expectations of PSEO students, as well as obtain all the necessary documents.
  2. Once the student has decide where they plan to go PSEO, they should set up a time to meet with the counselor in order to notify them of their decision and also get the MDE PSEO Program Notice of Student Registration form to be completed by the student and parent.  This registration form is also available at the MDE website.
  3. Students and parents also need to review, sign, & return the W-K PSEO Agreement.
  4. Students and parents also must notify the school district by May 30th stating their intent to go PSEO the following school year.  During the PSEO meeting with students they are provided with a document that students and parents can sign indicating this or they can complete their own.