Packing for the Weekend

Please join the United Way of Goodhue, Wabasha & Pierce Counties and Wabasha-Kellogg Elementary School to help feed chronically hungry children. Packing for the Weekend is designed to feed children who do not have reliable access to food on non-school days. Many families are faced with the daily struggle of meeting the most basic needs of their children... food, clothing, and shelter. While in school the children of qualifying families are provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, we have found that families cannot always provide this for their children outside of school. So, one way we have found that can help is through the “Packing for the Weekend” program. The response to our offer of providing healthy food for families for the weekend will hopefully be welcomed immediately and enthusiastically. Through this program we hope to ensure a healthier group of children. Healthy children are ready to learn. Each family involved in the Packing for the Weekend program receives a bag of food that feeds the number of children in their household for the weekend. Working with the Channel One Food Bank and Live Healthy Red Wing Coordinator, Michelle Leise, pays special attention to what is given and ensures the meals have nutritional value, are easy to prepare and can be carried home in a child’s backpack.
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For more information on how you can help with the Packing for the weekend at W-K please contact Kamie Lodermeier at or 651-565-3559. You can also visit the United Way or Wabasha-Kellogg School website for more information. 


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