Mikaela Livingstone
Mikaela Livingstone, the daughter of Jim and Becky Livingstone (Swanson), is the social studies department’s student of the month. Mikaela is a very nice student that displays excellent character in the classroom; she is very hard-working, cooperative and knowledgeable. Mikaela loves studying American history, especially US military history.  Her teacher, Mrs. Biever loves having Mikaela in class because of her positive attitude and because Mikaela enhances many lessons with her history knowledge and with artifacts that she regularly shares with her classmates.
Mikaela is involved in many W- K school activities including band, the bowling team and the math team.  She likes being a student at W-K because of the great teachers and staff at the school.  Outside of school she loves to spend time with family, friends, and with her two dogs. She also enjoys being active in the Civil Air Patrol.  Much of Mikaela’s free time is spent playing the oboe, violin, guitar or percussion.
Congratulations Mikaela for being chosen the social studies department student of the month.
Submitted by Tara Biever

Parker Hetrick
Parker Hetrick, the son of Neal and Melissa Binner, is the Social Studies department’s student of the month for the seventh and eighth grade.  Parker is an energetic learner who brings an immense amount of knowledge to contribute in class every day.  His positive attitude and eagerness to participate in discussions and activities make him an enjoyable addition to the class.  He recently showcased his knowledge as a finalist in the school spelling bee.    Parker is also involved in band and enjoys practicing piano, playing video games, and skiing in his spare time. 
Submitted by Ryan Hoch

Joe Carrels
Joe Carrels is the Sophomore Social Studies Student of the Month.  Joe is the son of Ted and Val Carrels. Joe is a distinguished member of the Wabasha-Kellogg Varsity Football Team.  He throws shot put and discus for the Wabasha-Kellogg Varsity Track & Field Team.  Among his many talents Joe lists poetry as one of this strengths having recently placed first in the Poetry Out Loud competition at WK.  When he is not reciting Frost, Joe likes to hunt and fish.  Joe says that if he could have dinner with any historical figure he would like to eat with George Washington so he could find out if he really had wooden teeth.  If President Washington was busy Joe may like to dine with Julius Caesar so he could warn him about a certain date in March.  Joe is inquisitive about the events of history, asking pointed questions in order to further understand what motivates our ancestors.  In the future, if Joe is not selected to be on the first manned mission to mars, he will be earning a degree in Pharmaceutical Science.
Submitted by Michael Kropp