Tagen Miller
Tagen Miller is the student of the month for physical education and health.  Tagen is a 7th grader and very deserving recipient of the award.  Tagen is the son of Tom and Kay Miller.  He is also shares a household with his 5 siblings Dalen, Brighton, Breanna, Tarrik and Tailia.  Tagen has been actively involved in athletics, community and school all throughout his young career.  Tagen was awarded the presidential fitness award in 2nd grade.  He was also awarded the national fitness award in 4th grade.  Last year Tagen took 4th place in State for wrestling in the 108 division.  Needless to say Tagen is an excellent student in gym.  He has a great attitude and performs well in all venues.  He is a very hard working you man who excels on the grass, the court and the matt.
Submitted by Tim Klingbeil

Grace Lineweaver
Ms. Grace Lineweaver is the Wabasha-Kellogg 9th grade Physical/Health Education student of the month.  Grace is the daughter of Ann and Kirk Lineweaver.  Grace has a competitive drive, but doesn’t let that overpower having fun and making sure all are involved in physical education class.  In health class, Grace is an active participant and strives to do her best and be her best.  Her favorite part of class is learning how to be a better and healthier person and using that knowledge to make better choices.  Grace is active in volleyball and softball and enjoys boating, fishing, tubing, skiing and being with friends.  Ms. Lineweaver’s favorite healthy food is apples and favorite unhealthy food is sea salt and vinegar chips.  Grace is a great role model for making herself better than she was the day before.  
Submitted by Ashley Scheel

Jordan Meyer
Jordan Meyer is the student of the month for S.A.C (Strength, Agility & Conditioning).  Jordan is one of the hardest working students in the class.  He is also one of the strongest.  He ranks in the top 5 for every major lift in school history.  He is 4th all-time on the schools bench press list.  He is 3rd all-time for the schools squat list.  He is also 4th for the schools hang clean records.  Jordan is one of 3 students in school history to achieve the 800 Lbs Club.  Jordan is very hard working in the class and everything he has ever achieved he has worked hard for. He is very committed and dedicated to making his physical fitness the best it can be.
Submitted by Tim Klingbeil