Selena Hernandez-Haley
Selena Hernandez-Haley is the W-K High School Math Department 11th/12th Grade Student of the Month for November.  Selena is currently in the 12th grade and was chosen as the 11th/12th grade Student of the Month for her hard work and willingness to help others.  Whenever I ask for volunteers to answer a question in class Selena will volunteer an answer.  When students are given time to work Selena won’t hesitate to help her fellow classmates.  Also when Selena encounters a problem she doesn’t get she will take the time to figure out how to get the correct answer.  Selena always has a smile on her face and is respectful of everyone around her. 
Submitted by Chris Keller

Dalon Miller
9th/10th Grade Student of the Month for Math is Dalon Miller.  Dalon is in Mrs. Johnson’s Geometry class and was elected as student of the month because of his self-advocacy.  Early in the school year, Dalon felt that he was not grasping the Geometry concepts so he voluntarily stayed after school several afternoons a week to work one-on-one with Mrs. Johnson.  When he started to feel more confident in his skills, he continued to come in after school.  He would work independently as much as he could, and only ask for help when he got stumped or wanted verification of an answer.  Within a few weeks, Dalon was right on track and continues to be one of the stronger Geometry students in class.  He is the perfect role model for the way students should take responsibility for their own learning.  Congratulations Dalon!
Submitted by Lynn Johnson

Tyler Loechler
8th Grader Tyler Loechler is the 7th-8th grade math student of the month.  Tyler is the son of Mark and Tina Loechler.  Tyler has done excellent work in math over the past 2 years and been a role model for others to follow with his consistent behavior and work ethic each day.  It is my honor to name him the math department student of the month for November.  Way to go Tyler!
Submitted by Jon Auge