Leanna Nielsen
Leanna Nielsen is the junior/senior Language Arts Student of the Month.  Leanna is the daughter of Kerry and Tracy Nielsen. She has three siblings: Reina Nielsen who is in college, and Maria Nielsen who is in 7th grade.  Leanna is actively involved in drama club, speech, and ski team.  Leanna is a very kind and spirited individual with a great deal of creativity and compassion. She is a confident speaker and has a friendly disposition.  Additionally, she is a dedicated worker and an outstanding writer. According to Mr. Medina, “Many of her stories from Creative Writing could be submitted for publishing today; she has a wonderful voice and imaginative mind.”  In class, she is always putting in the most effort and is a role model to all students.  As an avid reader, Leanna is always reading something new and is constantly engaged in either reading or writing.  Leanna is currently taking a Fantasy/Science Fiction class with Mr. Medina and Communications with Mrs. Purvis.  She is doing outstanding work in both classes and is a positive role model to all students.  Her work is always very detailed, neat, and thoughtful.   Furthermore, Leanna is friendly and always willing to give you her honest opinion.  Next year, Leanna plans to attend a college or university to earn a degree in English and Literature.  Currently, Leanna is looking at Carthage College or Gustavus Aldophus as her top two college choices.  Either one would be a great place for Leanna to continue to hone her craft and become an outstanding literary mind. Leanna is driven to succeed and is self-motivated to be a top performer in whatever she does.
Submitted by Cris Medina

Deanna Wolf
The 2013 freshman/sophomore student of the month is Deanna Wolf. Deanna is very organized, hard-working, and passionate about everything she does. One of her interests outside of school is her band. This year in English, Deanna did an outstanding job with her point of view scene rewrite for John Knowles’ A Separate Peace. In class, she is always on task and eager to participate in discussions offering great insight into her own thoughts. According to Mrs. Lund, “One thing that stands out about Deanna Wolf is her self-confidence.” This young lady has no problem advocating for herself and her peers, a skill that youth have a hard time obtaining. Deanna is a strong and well-rounded role model for her peers and her younger siblings.
Submitted by Lauren Lund

Kada Malakowsky
Kada Malakowsky, the daughter of Rayne Carrels and Steve Malakowsky, is the English department’s student of the week for seventh and eighth grades. Kada is a bubbly seventh grader who does excellent work in her English class. She always comes to class prepared, asks good questions, and usually has a smile on her face to boot! Her class participation is a positive addition to any class discussion.  Kada is involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, and JO volleyball. Her favorite part about attending Wabasha-Kellogg is being with her friends and having good times with them, too. Her English teacher’s favorite part about having Kada as a student is Kada’s enthusiasm and her infectious smile!
Submitted by Heidi Purvis