How Can You Get Involved in Your Child's Success?

The speech-language pathologists at W-K welcome parent involvement with open arms! Your child will have greater success if there is carry-over of speech and language sanctities into his or her home environment. We are only able to see your child two to three times a week for twenty minutes per session. This is such a small amount of time in the grand scheme of your child's daily life, so we encourage parents to utilized the speech and language homework provided in the "Homework" link.

If you are interested in supplement homework that is tailored specifically to your child please contact us. Also see the "Homework" link for more general sanctities to do home. 

Reading to your child and modeling correct speech will benefit them greatly both academically and in their communication ablatives! Read a story before bed, tell them stories, let them hear what it sounds like to talk 'correctly'. Do this before correcting tier speech. 

We are always open to take phone calls or emails from you with questions, concerns or comments. Both emails and phone numbers are listed on the "Welcome" page. If you ever are interested in an informal meeting to see how you can become more involved, you can contact us as well. 

Both of our rooms are open during conferences and we are available to meet with you informally at that time and show you around.

**Informally is used in this context because meeting in these cases may be outside of your child's yearly Individualized Education Program meeting and would not involve the entire IEP Team.**