Aurora Daniela Salo

Full Name:
Aurora Daniela Salo

Host Family:
Livingstones, & Kruses

Favorite American food?
Wings, & corn bread

Favorite American snack?

Why did you decide to come to the United States?
"I wanted to learn English, see if Americans are really like people in American movies (haha), I have heard a lot of things about America so I wanted to get that experience to live American life and get to know American people."

Favorite part of about Wabasha?
"People, defnitely!  They are very nice and kind.  I'm so glad that I came to Wabasha."

Favorite class at Wabasha-Kellogg?
Woodwork & Introduction to Theater

Advice for new foreign exchange students:

 "Get involved in some after school activities, try new things and foods, go out with your friends and enjoy your year!"