The play Little Women of Orchard House is based on the novel by American author Louisa May Alcott who chose Orchard House, (her childhood home) to be the setting of her story.  The play follows the lives of four sisters - Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March - detailing their passage from childhood to womanhood, and is loosely based on Louisa's childhood.  The play begins with Louisa May Alcott and features flashbacks of her childhood before leading into the story of the characters of her book.

The book is a classic tale of family, adolescence, parenting, romance, and growing up in poverty during the civil war era.  The play features over thirty Wabasha-Kellogg performers and will surely be an enjoyable evening of historical theatre.


Louisa May Alcott: Abigail Hall
George Bartlett: Ben Glomski
Thomas Niles: Damian Thoeny
Bronson Alcott: Nick Holst
Abba Alcott: Tiffany Stumpf
Little Anna: Molly Nelson
Little Louisa: Rose Kruse
Little Lizzie: Maria Nielsen
Little Abby: Manna Prescher
Henry David Thoreau: Will Yager
Elizabeth Peabody: Ashley Braem
Margaret Fuller: Jennifer Keller
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Damian Thoeny
Anna Alcott: Anna Schoen
Louisa May: Amber Norgrant
Elizabeth Alcott: Maddie Waltters
Abba May Alcott: Rihanna Donner
Marmee: Samantha Zomok
Meg March: Leanna Nielsen
Jo March: Erinn Smith
Beth March: Karlie Steinfeldt
Amy March: Courtney Sill
Hannah: Trisha Daniel
Theodore Laurence: Connor Kropp
Aunt March: Madyson Main/Molly Nelson
John Brooke: Ben Glomski
Mr. Davis: Paul Cushman
Mr. Laurence: Shadow Mathna/Paul Cushman
Mr. Moffat: Will Yager
Mrs. Moffat: Rihanna Donner
Mr. Gardiner: Damian Thoeny
Mrs. Gardiner: Aurora Salo
Annie Moffat: Abigail Hall
Daisy Gardiner: Jenny Krosch
Clara Gardiner: Klowee Malakowski
Kate Moffat: Olyvia Horsman
Belle Gardiner: Sophie Alper
Sallie Gardiner: Hannah Ruge
Captain March: Nick Holst
Professor Friedrich Baehr: Paul Cushman
Freddy Vaughn: Will Yager
Student Assistant Director: Abigail Hall
Publicity: Abigail Hall & Courtney Sill
Cayla Mock: Lights
Keller Peterson: Curtain
Kaytlyn Maringer: Sound
Jacob Frazier: Spotlight
Stage Manager: Samantha Zomok
Assistant Stage Manager: Ben Glomski
Props: Sophie Alper & Molly Nelson 
Director: Cris Medina
Assistant Director: Lynn Johnson
Cheryl Davidson: Costumes
Melissa Davidson: Costumes
Bev Hall:  Costumes
Bill Davidson: Tech
Bruce Hall: Set Construction

Ken Kruse: Set Construction
John Marvin: Set Construction