Science Classroom Supplies

Students should have the following items for 7th and 8th grade science class:


1" 3-Ring Binder

     Students will be keeping all of their classroom materials in a binder to help them stay organized. This binder will be the student's "book" for the class, containing all the information students will need to succeed in class. 

5 Tab Dividers WITH Pockets for their Binder
     To help keep binders organized, I would like all students to use insertable tab dividers in their binders that have pockets. We will be using all 5 of them and they should be the type you can see through and insert paper into. We will be inserting a Table of Contents page for each tab divider. 

Colored Pencils
     I will supply students with crayons, markers, and colored pencils on smaller projects in the classroom and in the lab. However, there will be times where students will need to have a full set of colors for themselves during the class time. Students should keep a 12 pk of colored pencils in their locker to use during science class. Earth Science students will be using colored pencils everyday in class to track daily, average, and record highs and lows for Wabasha during the school year.

Students will NOT need a notebook nor a folder for junior high science.