Weekly Spelling Words

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The Hat
short vowel /a/
phonograms -ap -at
spelling words: at, hat, cat, can, cap, tap, map, mad, the, a
high frequency words: down, got, up

Sam and the Bag
short vowel /a/
phonograms -s
spelling words: am, ham, had, bad, bag, rag, cap, mad, up, go
high frequency words: oh, in, and, yes

short vowel /i/
phonograms -ill -it
contraction 's
spelling words: in, pin, pig, wig, win, fin, am, pan, yes, and
high frequency words: walk, they, make

Jack and Rick
diagraph /k/ck
phonograms -ick -ink
contraction 'll
spelling words: pick, pack, tack, back, sack, sick, big, is, they, walk
high frequency words: help, now, play, too, want

Todd's Box
short vowel /o/
inflection ending -ed -ing
spelling words: hot, hop, pop, pot, dot, not, back, pick, now, want
high frequency words: don't, of, so

All That Corn
vowel variant /ô/a
phonograms -all -ill
contraction n't
spelling words: all, call, fall, wall, ball, tall, on, not, so, of
high frequency words: where, that, very, buy

Dan's Pet
short vowel /e/
initial blends with s
spelling words: hen, pen, men, end, send, set, all, call, very, that
high frequency words: was, her, said, with, every, day

Boots for Beth
digraph /th/
phonograms -est -ent
spelling words: then, them, this, that, path, with, men, set, was, said
high frequency words: put, she, new, friends, use, could

Space Pup
short vowel /u/
initial blends with r
spelling words: us, bus, bug, rug, mug, must, with, then, she, use
high frequency words: says, out, your, when, night

Where Do Frogs Come From?
diphthong /ng/
phonograms -ang -ing
spelling words: sing, sang, hang, rang, ring, bring, bus, must, your, when
high frequency words: from, eat, or, grows, two, gone

Try Your Best
r-Controlled Vowel /ô/ or,are
Word Families: Compound Words
spelling words: or, for, corn, cork, fork, more, hang, ring, two, from
high frequency words: time, right, our, try, be

Fun with Fish
digraph /sh/
initial blends with s and r
spelling words: ship, shop, shot, wish, dish, dash, for, more, be, try
high frequency words: funny, many, how, some, food

I Am a Butterfly
digraph /ch/ ch, tch
initial blends with l
spelling words: chip, chin, inch, itch, catch, match, wish, shop, how, many
high frequency words: air, live, fly, turns, soon

Did You See Chip?
r-Controlled Vowel /är/ar
inflections -s -ed -ing
spelling words: far, farm, arm, art, cart, card, chin, inch, live, soon
high frequency words: sometimes, take, there, city, house

Tomás Rivera
digraphs /kw/qu, /hw/wh
initial blends with l
spelling words: quit, quick, quiz, whiz, which, when, arm, card, who, there
high frequency words: family, by, grew, about, writing

On the Way to the Pond
r-Controlled Vowel /û/er,ir,ur
contractions 've,'re
spelling words: sir, dirt, bird, burn, fur, her, quit, when, work, grew
high frequency words: four, find, found, full, follow, these, way, were

Friends Forever
Syllable /l/ -le
inflections -er -est
spelling words: middle, fiddle, wiggle, giggle, puddle, cuddle, fur, bird, were, four
high frequency words: talk, school, other, great, each, place

The Fox and the Stork
long vowel /ō/ow, oa
initial blends with s and r
spelling words: low, bow, row, road, soap, boat, wiggle, middle, talk, school
high frequency words: door, kind, made, who, would

A Bed Full of Cats
long vowel /ē/ e,ee, ea
contractions 's, n't,'ll
spelling words: me, mean, bean, be, beet, feet, low, road, who, door
high frequency words: should, room, anything, write, know, only, moved, also, those

Me on the Map
long vowel /ā/ a-e
phonograms -ake -ake
inflections -ed -ing
spelling words: came, game, gate, late, lake, take, feet, me, know, also
high frequency words: country, Earth, over, special, world, town

At Home Around the World
long vowel /ā/y
inflections -ed -ing
spelling words: jelly, belly, bunny, funny, furry, hurry, take, came, world, over
high frequency words: above, hold, water, old, different, years, warm

Tell Me a Story
long vowel /ī/ i-e
phonograms -ine -ite
spelling words: nine, line, like, bike, bite, while, funny, hurry, warm, water
high frequency words: cook, because, young, most, why, front

My Robot
consonant /s/c
phonograms -ice -ide
spelling words: ice, nice, rice, race, face, space, like, nine, why, most
high frequency words: always, does, sound, even, once, pretty, say, almost

On the Job With Dr. Martha Smith
variant vowel /ou/ ow ou
phonograms -own -ound
spelling words: cow, how, now, down, out, round, nice, face, does, once
high frequency words: any, busy, care, Dr., eight, took

Little Bear's Friend
long vowel /ī/y, ie
inflections -s -ed -ing
contractions 's  n't 'll
spelling words: my, fly, by, why, sky, try, out, now, any, eight
high frequency words: again, blue, high, love, opened, hello

Busy Buzzy Bee
long vowel /ō/ o-e
initial blends with l
spelling words: bone, cone, code, rode, rose, those, my, try, again, blue
high frequency words: another, wait, change, field, touch, wild, twelve

The Story of a Blue Bird
long vowel /ī/ igh
inflections -ed -ing
(drop final e)
spelling words: high, night, light, right, might, bright, rode, those, touch, twelve
high frequency words: afraid, flew, learn, nothing, thought, wonder

Frog and Toad All Year
long vowel /ā/ ai ay
phonograms -ail -ain
spelling words: day, say, sail, pail, pay, play, right, high, learn, join
high frequency words: caught, cold, hurried, near, son, sure

Fishing Bears
long vowel /ī/ i
inflections -ed -ing
(double final consonant)
spelling words: fine, kind, mind, child, wild, day, play, sure, son
high frequency words: find, behind, wild, blind, mind

How to Be a Nature Detective
long vowel /ō/ o
contractions 've 'd 're
spelling words: old, fold, told, cold, roll, most, find, child, both, during
high frequency words: clues, detective, floor, nature, piece, pulls

The Puddle
consonant /j/d, dge
inflections -ed -ing
(drop final e)
contractions 've 'd 're
spelling words: age, page, cage, badge, budge, fudge, old, most, floor, piece
high frequency words: angry, nearly, okay, sorry

Poppleton Everyday
long vowel (y)/ū/ u-e
inflections -ed -ing
(double final consonant)
contractions 've 'd 're
spelling words: tube, cube, cute, use, rule, huge, page, fudge, angry, sorry
high frequency words: boy, brought, few, head, read

Sleep Is for Everyone
short vowel /e/ea
inflections -er -est -ed -ing
(drop final consonant)
spelling words: lead, head, bread, read, ready, heavy, rule, use, few, boy
high frequency words: afternoon, bicycle, carry, hours, parents

vowel variant /oo/
phonograms -oom -oot
spelling words: cool, tool, toot, tooth, booth, boot, read, head, carry, hours
high frequency words: against, shook, fire, quietly, careful