Weekly Spelling Words

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Unit 1: What makes you special?

1.1: At School

short vowel /a/

spelling words: man, can, nap, tap, cat, hat, not, does

high frequency words: does, not, school, what

grammar & writing: sentences (capitalization)

comprehension skill: key details


1.2: Where I Live

short vowel /i/

spelling words: pin, win, hit, sit, miss, kiss, nap, can, out, up

high frequency words: down, up, out, very

grammar & writing: word order (sentence punctuation: periods)

comprehension skill: key details


1.3: Our Pets


spelling words: clip, flip, slip, flag, black, plan, win, sit, be, pull

high frequency words: be, good, come, pull

grammar & writing: statements (capitalization and punctuation: periods)

comprehension skill: key details

1.4: Let's Be Friends

short vowel /o/

spelling words: hop, top, log, hog, hot, lot, flip, black, they, too


high frequency words: fun, they, make, too

grammar & writing: questions and exclamations

comprehension skill: key details


1.5: Let's Move

words with R and S blends

spelling words: spill, spin, grab, grass, drop, drip, hop, lot, two, move


high frequency words: jump, run, move, two

grammar & writing: writing sentences (capitalization and punctuation: periods, question marks, and exclamation marks)

comprehension skill: key details


Unit 2: What makes a community?


2.1: Jobs Around Town

short vowel /e/

spelling words: leg, beg, men, hen, head, bread, grass, spin, there, again


high frequency words: again, help, new, there, use

grammar & writing: nouns (commas in a series)

comprehension skill: character, setting, events


2.2: Buildings All Around

short vowel /u/

spelling words: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, men, head, could, one

high frequency words: could, live, one, then, three

grammar & writing: singular and plural nouns (apostrophes with contractions)

comprehension skill:character, setting, events


2.3: A Community in Nature

ending blends

spelling words: lend, send, fast, past, sink, wink, run, bug, of, who


high frequency words: eat, no, of, under, who

grammar & writing: possessive nouns (apostrophes with possessive nouns)

comprehension skill: main topic and key details


2.4: Let's Help

consonant digraphs: th, sh, ng

spelling words: fish, shop, ship, with, thing, sang, fast, wink, want, call

high frequency words: all, call, day, her, want

grammar & writing: common and proper nouns (capitalize proper nouns)

comprehension skill: character, setting, events


2.5: Follow the Map

consonant digraphs: ch, tch, wh, ph

spelling words: whip, whale, catch, match, chip, graph, shop, with, many, around


high frequency words: around, by, many, place, walk

grammar & writing: irregular plural nouns (capital letters and periods)

comprehension skill: main topic and key details


Unit 3: What can happen over time?


3.1: How do we measure time?

long vowel /a/

spelling words: make, take, came, game, gate, late, chin, graph, some, today


high frequency words: away, now, some, today, way, why

grammar & writing: verbs (commas in a series)

comprehension skill:character, setting, plot


3.2: How do plants change as they grow?

long vowel /i/

spelling words: like, spike, ride, hide, bike, mine, make, came, water, should

high frequency words: green, grow, pretty, should, together, water

grammar & writing: present-tense verbs (capitalize and underline titles of plays)

comprehension skill:character, setting, plot, sequence


3.3: What is a folktale?

soft c and g

spelling words: rice, nice, page, age, wedge, ledge, like, ride, from, once


high frequency words: any, from, happy, once, so, upon


grammar & writing: past and future tense verbs (commas in a series)


comprehension skill: character, setting, plot, cause and effect 


3.4: How is life different from what it was long ago?

long vowel /o/ and long vowel /u/

spelling words: hope, nose, note, rope, cube, cute, nice, ledge, ago, people

high frequency words: ago, boy, girl, how, old, people

grammar & writing: is , are (commas in dates)

comprehension skill: connections within text;compare and contrast


3.5: How do we get our food?

variant vowel oo

spelling words: book, look, cook, took, wood, hood, nose, cute, buy, done


high frequency words: after, buy, done, every, soon, work


grammar & writing: contractions with not (apostrophes in contractions)

comprehension skill: connections within text;text sequence


Unit 4: What animals do you know about? Wyat are they like?


4.1: How do animals' bodies help them?

long vowel /a/ a, ai, ay

spelling words: mail, chain, play, took, hood, rain, way, day, our, carry


high frequency words: about, animal, carry, eight, give, our

grammar & writing: was, were (apostrophes with contractions)

comprehension skill: character, setting, plot, sequence


4.2: How do animals help each other?

long vowel /e/ e, ee, ea

spelling words: me, we, keep, play, because, feed, beak, seat, rain, other

high frequency words: because, blue, into, or, other, small

grammar & writing: has, have (capitalization and end punctuation)

comprehension skill: main idea and key details


4.3: How do animals survive in nature?

long vowel /o/ o, oa, oe, ow

spelling words: low, boat, no, row, oat, toe, we, keep, over, more


high frequency words: find, food, more, over, start, warm


grammar & writing: go, do (capitalize proper nouns)

comprehension skill:main idea and key details


4.4: What insects do you know about?  How are they alike and different?

long vowel /i/ i, y, igh, ie

spelling words: find, night, by, kind, right, pie, boat, no, caught, listen

high frequency words: caught, flew, know, laugh, listen, were

grammar & writing: see, saw (underline titles of books)

comprehension skill: point of view underline titles of books)


4.5: How do people work with animals?

long vowel /e/ y, ey

spelling words: key, bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, my, night, write, would


high frequency words: found, woman, hard, would, near, write

grammar & writing: adverbs that tell when (commas in a series)

comprehension skill: connections within text: sequence


Unit 5: How can we make sense of the world around us?


5.1: How can we classify and categorize things?

r-controlled (bossy r) ar

spelling words: cart, barn, arm, art, yarn, harm, happy, key, four, none


high frequency words: four, large, none, only, put, round

grammar & writing: words that join (capitalize proper nouns: places)

comprehension skill: point of view


5.2: What can you see in the sky?

r-controlled (bossy r) er, ir, ur, or 

spelling words: her, bird, fur, fern, dirt, work, barn, arm, climb, through

high frequency words: another, climb, full, great, poor, through

grammar & writing: adjectives capitalization and end marks

comprehension skill:plot, cause and effect


5.3: What inventions do you know about? 

r-controlled (bossy r) or, ore, oar

spelling words: born, corn, core, more, roar, soar, her, dirt, learn, sure


high frequency words: began, better, guess, learn, right, sure

grammar & writing: adjectives that compare (-er and -est) capitalize days, months, and holidays

comprehension skill:connections within text: problem and solution


5.4: What sounds can you hear? How are they made?

ou, ow

spelling words: cow, town, mouse, how, out, mouth, born, roar, nothing, early

high frequency words: color, early, instead, nothing, oh, thought

grammar & writing: using a, an, this, that capitalize/underline titles of books

comprehension skill:plot, problem and solution


5.5: How do things get built?

oi, oy

spelling words: spoil, coin, join, joy, toy, boy, town, mouse, build, fall


high frequency words: above, build, fall, knew, money, toward

grammar & writing: prepositions/prepositional phrases prepositions/prepositional phrases

comprehension skill:connections within text: cause and effect


Unit 6: How does teamwork help us?


6.1: How can we work together to make our lives better? 

variant vowel u

spelling words: moon, tune, flew, blue, fruit, soup, toy, coin, enough, door


high frequency words: answer, brought, busy, door, enough, eyes


grammar & writing: pronouns I, you, he, she, it, we, they (capitalize I)


comprehension skill: theme


6.2: Who helps you?

variant vowel o

spelling words: haul, cause, saw, claw, paw, dawn, moon, soup, love, friend

high frequency words: brother, father, friend, love, mother, picture

grammar & writing: possessive pronoun (capitalize days, months, and holidays) 

Comprehension Skill: author’s purpose


6.3: How can weather affect us? 

silent letters wr, kn, gn

spelling words: gnat, gnu, know, knife, write, wrong, cause, dawn, been, their

high frequency words: been, children, month, question, their, year

grammar & writing: special pronouns (anyone, everyone, anything, everything, nothing) commas in dates and letters

comprehension skill:plot, cause and effect


6.4: What traditions do you know about? 

trigraphs 3 letter blends

spelling words: strike, spray, splash, split, scrape, three, know, write, your, heard

high frequency words: before, front, hear, push, tomorrow, your

grammar & writing: subjective and objective pronouns (commas in dates and letters)

Comprehension Skill: theme


6.5: Why do we celebrate holidays?

air, are, ear

spelling words: fair, pair, bear, wear, spare, share, three, splash, favorite, surprise

high frequency words: favorite, few, gone, surprise, wonder, young

grammar & writing: adverbs that tell how (abbreviations use capitals and periods: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr.)

comprehension skill:author’s purpose