Each assignment will be worth 5 points with a short assignment quiz being taken after the discussion and correction of the lesson.  Tests and quizzes will be given at the end of each week with a quiz being worth 20 points and a test worth 50 points.  All scores and listing of assignments by the day will be posted on JMC Gradebook.  All grades will be updated each day.  Progress reports will be given to the students every tuesday so there is no confusion as to where each is at for a grade.  Homework will be given 3 days a week with one day being a Study Island MCA practice computer lab in-class day and another being for a test or quiz.  If a student is absent or missing work, a printout will be given to that student the following day during 1st hour guided study.  It is expected that any absent student should bring their absent slip from the school to me during first hour along with any assignment that would have been due the day that they were absent.