Mrs. Day's Top Ten Questions... Answered

10. Where are you from?  I was born and raised in Wabasha!  I enjoy teaching in the school I attended.
9.   What is your favorite part of teaching?  I love getting to know a new group of students each year!  The day goes by so quickly, I don't have time to "watch the clock" ever!
8.   Who is in your family?  I grew up the youngest and only girl with 3 older brothers.  I am married to a UPS man, Chris.  We have two children Zoey (6) and Zac (3). 
7.   Where did you go to College?  I attended University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse and  Winona State University.
6.   When did you decide to be a teacher?  After high school, I was undecided on my future plans.  I ended up in Cincinnati Ohio living with a family as a nanny.  My nanny family "guided" me to look further into a teaching career.  They are still a huge part of my life, and I credit my career to them for all their encouragement!
5.   How long have you taught?  I started teaching Kindergarten at W-K in 2006.
4.   When you're not in school, where will you be found?  Probably not at home!  I feel that our family is always busy.  We love boating, camping, visiting Lark Toys, taking walks, biking, and all the other usual family activities.  If I'm away from my family, you may find me shopping (for groceries) or at the gym (wake up early to find me there!)
3.  What is your least favorite part of teaching?  SO MUCH TO DO!!!  I want to do it ALL, and typically just get overwhelmed because I can't!
2. What is something you've brought to your school?  I discovered a timer system that I use daily in my classroom.  When others realized how it changed and bettered my teaching they started asking about it.  Next thing I knew many other teachers started using the sound system as well.  I love passing this idea on to other teachers, it is a life saver in the classroom!
1.  What are you most excited about this school year?  I can't wait to use I-Pads in my classroom!  I wasn't sure how much the students would be able to use them, but the more I'm learning, the more I can't wait!