Classroom Guidelines

  • Attend class every day. (Yes, this means every day. I acknowledge there are legitimate reasons for students to miss a small number of days each year, as I myself do. However, being consistently present in school is a tremendously important factor in the success of all students. It is impossible to regain much of what is missed when you are not in class, regardless of the reason for the absence.)
  • Arrive in class on time and with all needed materials every day. Includes completed assignment(s), notebook and writing utensil, other requested materials
  • Active, positive, participation in all classroom activities.  Ask and answer questions.  Participates fully in all group activities.  Performs assigned role (Facilitator, Spokesperson, Quality Control, Process Analyst) in cooperative groups.  Consistently contributes to the group process.  Helps all members of assigned team understand material.  On task in all settings at all times.
  • Interact with everyone in the classroom in a positive and respectful manner.  Say only positive things about others, never degrading or hurtful.  Provide helpful support to classmates when working on assignments.  Complete all assigned tasks independently and on time.
  • Follow all directions the first time they are given.
  • Use equipment and materials with care and according to provided instructions.