8th Grade Physical Education

***Class Rules & Expectations 

Class Attire
  • Tennis shoe with a back to the shoe and tied so they do not slip off.  Sandals, boots, or shoes with high heels are not acceptable.
  • no jean shorts, or improper fitting shorts that expose under garments.
***ALL clothing must following the school dress code.
Locker Room
  • The locker room is for changing and showering only!  No running, jumping, towel snapping, rough housing, and climbing on benches or lockers.  
  • You will have 5 minutes after the bell to get changed and to the gym
  • You will have 8 minutes to shower (optional but recommended) and change after class.  Immediately after changing you are to wait quietly in the locker room until the bell rings.  If you leave the locker room without permission before the bell rings you will receive an unexcused absence.
  • LOCK YOUR LOCKERS!!  Your belongings are your responsibility!  W-K assumes no responsibility of lost/stolen items.  It is advised to purchase your own combination lock and use it throughout your high school career.  Please give your instructor this information: name, locker letter/number, lock combination and lock serial number off of the back.
Grading Scale
A 92%+
A- 90%

B+ 88%
B 82%
B- 80%
C+ 78%
C 72%
C- 70%
D+ 68%
D 62%
D- 60%
F 59%-



Contact: Tim Klingbeil