Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Big on our list of learning objectives is an increased focus on Reading ability for every student. Action 100 is a big part of our Reading curriculum throughout the elementary school, and we continue to see positive results after just a couple years. Along with this, we will be adding multiplication facts and cursive writing to yo   ur educational book of tricks in 3rd grade. And in Science, discovery and experimentation of vision and light, life cycles, survival, inherited traits, and more are in store for this year. Not to mention, the class pets that each student will get the chance to care for in class!

Just as the year before, a few of the most important missions I have for my students are to learn to work together as a team, be compassionate towards one another, and develop understanding of each other's differences. If we can all become caring and compassionate peers, the academics will fall right into place.

I look forward to another amazing year with my 3rd-graders at Wabasha-Kellogg Elementary!

Contact: Mrs. Daria Dalager