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Home Internet Speed Test Requested

Wabasha-Kellogg is participating in a statewide internet speed testing initiative to find out if you have broadband at home and what your speed is. Please take the following speed test.

Click on the link:

Enter your information, let the test run, and you are finished. This will help the effort to bring better home broadband access in our district. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

About the initiative:

MRBC (MN Rural Broadband Coalition), is pleased to announce the kickoff of a historic event for broadband expansion. GEO Partners, LLC will be conducting a statewide crowdsourcing broadband speed test over the next several months. At a time when students are required to learn from home via the internet—when parents are being asked to stay home and, in many cases, work from home requiring broadband connectivity—there is no better time to conduct this statewide speed test. This initiative will provide statistically valid data that can be used for FCC, USDA, or MN State Border-to-Border grants. This information will give Minnesota a leg up on other regions of the country that rely on inadequate FCC mapping and speed data for grant applications.