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The Falcon Feather - September 2020 Newsletter
Principal Stacy Schultz

Thank you to everyone for all of your
support and team work to make our
return to school as seamless as possible!
This was definitely a community effort
by parents, teachers, students, our
administrative team, paraprofessionals,
custodial staff, secretaries, Bluff
Country Bus Company, food service, and
community members. It was so great to
see the students back in the hallways
and classrooms! I saw many smiling eyes
over their masks! 

I am so pleased with the amount of
student cooperation to wear their masks
throughout the day and practice social
distancing. They have been following all
of the safety measures we put into place
and I am so appreciative of this.
We are hoping everyone is doing their
part to practice safety, so the county's
numbers drop and we can all meet in-person
for learning. To read the rest of this article and
have access to the whole newsletter
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