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Successful 2017 Wabasha-Kellogg STEM Fair
Tuesday, March 7th marked the day of the 2017 Wabasha-Kellogg STEM Fair.  Seventy-Six projects were submitted for judging.  The projects represented a wide variety of interests.  Students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade had the opportunity to complete and submit a project.  Twenty-two individuals volunteered to be judges.  Each project was judged three times.  Scores were collected, averages determined, and awards presented based on grade span and category.  The energy level remained high during the event.  It was obvious the students were enthusiastic about the projects.  According to one judge, “the enthusiasm of the students really shone last night and it was great to see them all so passionate about their chosen projects.”  He further commented that “A big well done to your students and staff for entertaining and inspiring us.”  This is just one event that Wabasha-Kellogg participates in which the community can be proud.  The success of this event is contributed to the collaboration that occurs between staff, students, parents, and community members. 
Sixth Grader Jack Schjolberg explains his project to Judge Bruce Hall

Fourth Grader Grahmm Klaus explains his project to Judge Angie Wodele

Fifth Graders Hannah Johnson and Emma Johnson present about the life cycle of lice to Judge Jerry Arens

Seventh Grader Caleb Moore presents about MN Fish Respiration to Judge Guy Marshall
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