Life Time Sports

INSTRUCTOR:  Mr. Klingbeil OFFICE: Boys locker room

Course Description &Course Requirements:
This is an elective physical education course that will primarily focus on lifetime activities.  Lifetime sports has been designed for students who want to continue their quest for an active lifestyle  and enjoy the competition, cooperation, and collaboration that goes along with participating in physical activity throughout life.  The course will allow flexibility of content to include some lifetime activities, team-based games and physical fitness activities to enhance individual performance.
Course Expectations
Each student is expected to dress for class every day and to participate to his/her fullest ability to improve overall health and fitness. This is an elective course; you have chosen to be here!  He/she is also expected to treat others with respect and demonstrate good sportsmanship in all class activities. Each student will be expected to display written knowledge of each activity by passing a written test at the end of each unit. Proper care of all equipment is required at all times.
 Class Attire
  1. Tennis shoes: Shoes with a back to the shoe and tied.  Sandals, boots, or shoes with high heels are not okay.
  2. Shorts: No jean shorts, or improper fitting shorts that expose under garments.
  3. Shirt: Comfortable athletic apparel.  no halter tops.
  4. Overall: ALL clothing must following the school dress code.
Locker Room
The locker room is for changing and showering only!  No running, jumping, towel snapping, rough housing, horse play and horse housing.
You will have 5 minutes after the bell to get changed and to the gym
You will have 8-10 minutes to shower (optional but recommended) and change after class.  Immediately after changing you are to wait quietly in the locker room until the bell rings.  If you leave the locker room without permission before the bell rings you will receive an unexcused absence.  
LOCK YOUR LOCKERS!!  Your belongings are your responsibility!  W-K assumes no responsibility of lost/stolen items.  It is advised to purchase your own combination lock and use it throughout your high school career.  Please give your instructor this information: name, locker letter/number, lock combination and lock serial number off of the back. 

Score Exemplary Satisfactory Progression Needs Improvement
Character  Student consistently embodies all components of the 6 Pillars of charter. Student most of the time embodies components of the 6 Pillars of charter. Student sometimes embodies components of the 6 Pillars of charter. Student rarely embodies components of the 6 Pillars of charter.
Skills Student consistently participates in activity & student shows skills development mastery.  Student is persistent at skill development & skills are at activity level. Student is attempting task & skill is developing. Student seldom attempts at improving skill & no significant change in skill development.
Exemplary (4):
 Serving as a desirable model; representing the best of its kind.
Satisfactory (3): Fulfilling expectations or needs; not outstanding or perfect.
Progression (2): A movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state.
Needs Improvement (1): Not meeting the standards set in place.
4. Consistently (90%+)

3. Most of the time (80%-89%)
2. Sometimes (70%-79%)
1. Rarely (69%-)
Character: The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
  • Trustworthiness
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship
Skill: The ability to do something well; expertise.Students receive a total of 8 points per day 4 points for Character and 4 points for skill
*A doctor’s note or a phone call or email from a parent prior to each class are the ONLY acceptable excuses for not dressing or missing class.

Grading Scale
A 92%+
A- 90%

B+ 88%
B 82%
B- 80%
C+ 78%
C 72%
C- 70%
D+ 68%
D 62%
D- 60%
F 59%-
For each absent you must make up by doing a health/fitness related article summer or by participating in 30 minutes of physical activity.  This class does not count and you must have the proper form signed by a parent or guardian.   You have two days to make up your work for each day you are absent. 
All students are required to do 2 hours of community service per quarter.  Your act of kindness must be approved by Mr. Klingbeil first.  Be sure to fill out community service form.   Community service is worth 40 points and 10% of your grade.
Acceptable Conduct in the class room
While using the weight room, you WILL display acceptable conduct:
  1. Not touching any equipment until directed to do so by your instructor.
  2. Refraining from making excessive noise or engaging in horseplay.
  3. Use proper, safe and instructed form at all times.                                       
  4. Returning all equipment to the proper place.
  5. Report any broken or damaged equipment to the teacher.
  6. Listen to Mr. Klingbeil
Updated: October 19th, 2015


Contact: Tim Klingbeil