Booster Club Special Events

1) You may purchase supplies from the Booster Club that we normally carry for our game supplies (except pizza‘s). You would receive a  counted inventory to use and the Booster Club would purchase back any unused, so you would not pay for more than you use.

2) Supplies would include candy bars, pop, water, PowerAde, malts, popcorn, airheads, pickles and snack stuff that is normally sold during a regular game.

3) You will need to provide your own workers, your own cash for start up money, any extra items you want to sell (such as subs, taco’s in a bag, Ice for coolers, ect…) and you would also be in charge of clean up OR a $25.00 charge will be added to you’re supply’s bill.

4) You will receive an inventory slip to fill out and get back to Neil Hedquist 1 week in advance so Neil has enough time to get all supply’s that will be need to make your Special Event great.

5) Booster Club will still provide the set up and equipment (such as roaster pans, popcorn machine, coolers ect…) Neil will meet the Adult in Charge for set up and any questions you might have. (Remember you must have an Adult in Charge as the Booster Club has a lot of money in their equipment and we would hate to see it be damaged due to no supervision by an adult).

6) You will receive a final bill with in 2-3 days from your event.  We ask you to please pay your bill within 10 days so we can clear the books and get reimbursed for inventory.  You can give Check to Neil Hedquist or put at front desk in HS office and let me know it is there and i'll pick it up.  Thanks

We want to see you’re special event be a great one and by using the top 6 steps we are sure it will be one.

Product             do you want                                         # people/teams

                            Yes / No                                                   expected

Pop _______

Water _______

PowerAde _______

Candy Bars/ Skittles / Star Bursts/Air head extreme_______

Air heads_______

Laffy Taffys________

suckers _______

Malt Mix Cups _________

Popcorn ________


Pickles on a stick ________

Fruit Snacks ________

Time Events Starts _________________

Time Event Ends ___________________

Adult in Charge _______________________

Date of Event ___________________________

Special Event prices charged by booster club due to the cost increase of everything, the following prices are what you will be charged for the following items on a special event, this way you will have a better idea of what you want to charge. You can in turn charge what ever you would like for your event.

Product Charge per Item


Pop, water, PowerAde  __1.00 per bottle_____

Malt Cups __1.00 per cup_____

Pickles on a stick __.$6.00 per jar_____

Candy Bars, skittles, star burst, airhead extremes___.75_____

Air heads  __.15 each_____

Laffy Taffy___.25 each__

suckers __.15 each__

Popcorn packs (combination oil/popcorn) __$2.00_______

Fruit snacks__.15____