Three Rivers Softball All-Conference
Please Click on the Appropriate Link

To see the number of Automatic All-Conference Players each team has:  Click Here

  Note: For your Automatic Selections you have a choice of
  1. "Personally Determined" on the form.
  2. "Have other Coaches Decide" (You would use this for example if you have two players for your last spot and you want the other coaches to decide on which of those two players it should be,  Or you could put three on this list and have the other coaches decide two of the three for example)
Form to submit your All-Conference Players: Click Here for the Link

If there is any voting needed to be done by coaches to select players the stats of those player will be seen on this link:  Click Here to see Nominated player stats

To see the list of All Conference Players:  Click Here for the Link

Also Note: Your Honorable Mentions are up to you.  We do not need the names of those.  Your AD should have Medals/Certificates.


Mike Schumacher